A Quiet Return

Posted by Breanna Cornell on May 8, 2015 at 2:50 PM

Hello? Is anybody there? No? It’s just me?


Ok, good.


Here is my quiet return to blogging. It’s been almost a year since my last post, and the past ten and half months have provided some time for reflection. I’ve fallen off the social media band-wagon a bit, mostly because I just have not had the time and energy to keep up with Twitter chats and spend more time on Facebook just staying connected with long-distance friends. In the past, I’ve used my blog to put some big goals out there, promote impossible2Possible and other organizations, fundraise, and document adventures and learnings. I have missed blogging, to a certain extent; I miss being able to look back at a raw recollection of an event, before it fades to a more fallible memory.


Which is why I think I’ll sneak back onto my blog. I just don’t have the same motivation to archive on my personal computer, and run2live has become a scrap-book of sorts that I hope to build upon rather than start from scratch. I guess the difference from previous posts will be the lack of creating a personal brand and lack of publicizing posts (posting to Twitter and Facebook when a new post is up). There won’t be promotion for events or organizations. I want to maintain a simple record of events and adventures, a place to file friends and photos, a library to recall triumphs and trials, emotions and learnings.


If this blog were printed on physical paper, it would be a journal opened to a random page, sitting on the window sill of the back porch, pen resting on the crest of the inner spine, doodles of dancing dogs playing in the margins. Leather bound and weather worn, flower petals pressed between pages staining the corners of photographs. A little dusty, with whole paragraphs scratched out and corners of pages folded. Some handwriting in tight caps, some pages filled with tight cursive, an inconsistency dependent on mood. Many pages have been filled with smudged-left handed writing, taunting the unmarred fresh pages of the latter half of adventures to come.


Too bad I’m horrible at keeping a physical journal (they always seem to wander on to adventures of their own).


So, if you’re reading this, know posts will be inconsistent. Know that they will be honest and self-critical. Know that they will flower with love but may not always be positive. Know that most of them will be written in the moment, or shortly thereafter. Know that I might come back and document random stories, not necessarily related to running. Know that I have little expectations of anyone reading these, don’t really care to know if anyone is, and if you do [and do share], do so softly (like walking on pine needles).


A brief summary of the past ten and a half months:

July 2014

  • Moved to northern Alabama for new job.
  • Crewed for my second year at the Badwater 135 for Tony Portera (his 6th finish). Modified route due to Death Valley National Park not issuing permits for athletic events, Tony ran great, it was awesome.

  • Started working at new job.
  • August 2014
  • Began finding my way around Alabama and exploring; hiking, First Fridays, rodeo…

September 2014

  • Adopted Sammy (a puppy for my puppy!). Learned how to deal with tape worms in dogs. Yuck.


  • Began mentoring youth ambassadors for next i2P expedition.

October 2014

  • Pony Express 100 miler with Maranda in Utah! I would not have finished this race were it not for Maranda. (17/25 overall, 2/3 age, 7/9 gender).

  • Travel to Kentucky for work.

November 2014

  • Run the Pinhoti 100 two weeks after the Pony Express 100 (made it 55 miles and was pretty happy with that considering the fact that I was questioning if I even wanted to start; was not recovered from the Pony Express, but had fun, lost my crew, slept on the couch of the race director, cried, found crew, was ok).
  • House was broken into Monday after Pinhoti. ~$3,000 worth of stuff stolen. Came in through the front door (punched out a window) during the day. Puppies were (thankfully) not home. Very rattled. Started becoming very unsettled in area I was living.
  • Mom came down from Ohio for a weekend to help me after break-in.
  • The Dam-Bridge Run 10k (26/428 overall, 3/? gender, age place unknown).

  • Traveled to Florida to meet up with family for Thanksgiving. Was in the process of buying a new car because current car was dying.
  • Super stressful month.

December 2014

  • Traveled to Miami for work.

  • Finally got new car after over a month of waiting.
  • Moved out of house that was broken into and to a different part of town. Moved in with landlord. Feeling a bit safer.
  • Flew to Ohio for holidays, then drove with parents to Delaware and Pennsylvania for Christmas.
  • New Years in Nashville. Explored Natchez Trace trails (that actually pass by close to where I live in Alabama).


January 2015

  • Benedict visited from Arizona! Lots of running adventures in 3 short days.

  • Applied for the Badwater 135.

February 2015

  • Visited Cathedral Caverns with friends.

  • Accepted into Badwater!
  • Black Warrior 50k (9/42 overall, 2/13 gender, 3/4 age).

March 2015

  • Huff ‘n Puff on the Bluff 15k (10/100 overall, 2/43 gender, 1/2 age).
  • Went to Cape Fear in North Carolina to race Badwater Cape Fear 51.4 miler. Parents came out for a vacation weekend. Saw many Badwater friends and some from racing in the midwest. Was awesome! (27/72 overall, 6/22 gender, 5/8 age).

April 2015

  • Bad Kitty 10k (10/43 overall, 1/18 gender, 1/3 age).
  • The Battle of Jericho fun run.

  • Ramping up the training and enjoying the trails! Finally starting to feel like I’m getting out of the funk that was set in November/December when my house was broken into.

(Proof that life and adventures still happen, even if you don't post every bit of it to social media ;))

Do what you love,

Love what you do!

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